the wreck of Blackbeard’s notorious pirate ship has eluded treasure hunters until its recent discovery deep in a Caribbean trench.  

While the ship was in tatters, the desk from Blackbeard's quarters remained mostly intact. It was salvaged and brought to Lofton Arts in Northridge, California for an expert restoration. 
For hundreds of years,
Standing nine feet tall, this one-of-a-kind desk, the result of nearly 3,000 man hours, is wrapped in extraordinary detail and exudes authentic old-world craftsmanship. Six cupboards with doors, 23 cubbies, a pullout leather writing desk and drawers that open with cannon handles are among the many delightful details awaiting discovery!   This grand desk is destined for the hands of a nautical enthusiast. 
Beautiful wood inlay
Customized leather writing desk (not  yet installed)
Cannon handles on drawers
Hand laid glass cupboards can be lit from the inside to glow
Nine feet tall      Seven feet wide at writing desk level      22 Carat gold leafing      Piano lacquer finish     Hand painted sirens  
1,312 Board feet of solid Mahogany utilized